Group Overview

Zhejiang Shui Xin Holding Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Shui Xin holding), is headquartered at the Bank of Binjiang River in Hangzhou City, with a registered capital of 48060 million yuan. It is a comprehensive group invested mainly by water conservancy and power generation, including investment engineering inspection service, engineering shipping industry, motor vehicle driving training, real estate industry and so on.

Company founder and chairman Jiang Wenlong led the management team under the leadership of the forward-looking layout, flexible investment strategy and value-added services continuously, has invested in the construction of Pujiang Xian reservoir engineering, Longyou Creek Beach Water Conservancy Engineering, Longyou Muchen reservoir engineering, Yunnan Lushui River Three Pianma hydropower station project projects are currently in operation and management, play a good social and economic benefits. In addition, the company invested in shipping industry and built several engineering ships successively, which has produced good benefits. The motor vehicle driving training school is the ten best driving training institution in Hangzhou city and Zhejiang Province.